tracTAG began when adventurer and founder, Maree Machin, got more 'adventure' than she bargained for on one of her diving trips. Swept from her grasp in the tropical waters of north Queensland, Australia, her underwater camera, full of photos and great memories of recent weeks, was swept away into the vast Pacific Ocean. While the currents would have brought it to shore, with no way of identifying it, the finder had no way to return it.

The loss of the camera was followed by the failure of luggage to make the trip home. After more than a week, the luggage turned up - bag tags in tatters or missing - with no easy way to identify the owner.

Sure, insurance replaced the camera and would have paid for the replacement of luggage. Insurance can never replace the anxiety and inconvenience of loss. And there are some things that you can't put a price on and just can't be replaced - memories, data, mementoes ....

After this, we realised that losing important gear is not limited to outdoor adventure. In our mobile society, all sorts of valuable items leave the home on a daily basis. We also quickly found out that people lose and misplace all sorts of things all the time and that finders will usually return them if they can. The average Australian loses between one and two items of value every year. Internationally, over 25 000 000 pieces of luggage get lost at airports every year. It's not a matter of if you'll lose something, it's a matter of what will it be!

Losing and misplacing things is a fact of life. Reducing those losses means that you can get on with enjoying life. And we believe that's important. Inspired by the epic journeys and incredible homing abilities of the great sea turtles, tracTAG is a simple and reliable loss recovery system that will see you through any adventure - be it across oceans or the trip to school.

Combining the latest is in technology and design, we focus on developing simple-to-use solutions for everyone. Whether it's a tablet loaded with all your favourite photos, your keys, your gym bag, your phone or anything that's important to you, tracTAG has a solution for most situations. We welcome your feedback and comments as they will contribute to the continued improvement and development of the tracTAG range.

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