We lose important things all the time & people are really happy to get it back to us.
Around the world, we lose so much


tracTAG is the ID tag that means peace of mind and freedom. You lose it and we help get it back.
In fact, about 80% of the time people are really happy to connect via tracTAG and get it back to you.

tracTAG is packed with great features you won't find anywhere else


How It Works

Where technology meets humanity - tracTAG is the smartest way to look after everything you can't afford to lose
We get the spirit of adventure and taking it to the next level. We get how important it is to keep track of the things we love.
Clever tags linked to your personal account makes for more confidence to be out and about.
Finding a clever tag lets you do what we want to ..... get it back. tracTAG makes it fast, easy and rewarding.


A Little About Us

tracTAG began when adventurer and founder, Maree Machin, got more 'adventure' than she bargained for on one of her diving trips.

Swept from her grasp in the tropical waters of north Queensland, Australia, her underwater camera, full of photos and great memories of recent weeks, was swept away into the vast Pacific Ocean. While the currents would have brought it to shore, with no way of identifying it, the finder had no way to return it.

The loss of the camera was followed by the failure of luggage to make the trip home. After more than a week, the luggage turned up - bag tags in tatters or missing - with no easy way to identify the owner.

Sure, insurance replaced the camera and would have paid for the replacement of luggage. Insurance can never replace the anxiety and inconvenience of loss. And there are some things that you can't put a price on and just ....

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